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Frequently Asked Questions

Your satisfaction is always our basis for doing an excellent job. That is why we are always dedicated to providing quality work to gain a positive response. Your recognition of our services is even more than what we benefit from working with you.

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We know that you might have anxieties in mind holding you back from choosing to ask. Here are some common questions that are asked to us:


Why should I choose you from other lawn care experts?

Choosing our services is the best choice you can make. IT is hard to find a company like ours, that offers remarkable maintenance and installation services that are cost-effective. We are also proud of using eco-friendly chemicals to secure your health, which may not be one of the concerns of other providers. We always make sure that you are valued, and our expectations are presented. Do not wear yourself out in searching for the best people to makeover your lawn. We are just a call away.

Why should I apply fertilizers on my lawn?

The fertilizers on your lawn are making sure that your plants or shrubs get the right nutrients they need for better growth. It is like feeding them with vitamins and protection to endure weather or seasonal changes. With Landscaper Chicago, IL, you would not need to worry about what fertilizers you should apply. We are also knowledgeable on the best time when to apply your fertilizers and as well as the amount suited for your plant needs.

What are your payment methods?

We are always capable of receiving payment in any method. We always accept debit or credit card payment, electronic transfer, or even cheques. Let us know the package of our services that

How do I get to see your landscaping designs?

Once you have already called us and agreed for free consultation and inspection of your lawn, our uniformed expert will knock on your door with the booklet of our complete e and astounding designs that you can choose. We also have a separate booklet for landscaping add-ons and lightings that you may go for.

What if I forget that I have an appointment with you?

You do not need to worry as we call you the day before your appointment to confirm if you may be present during the work or, if not, will ask you the necessary questions for us to work independently. We will also call you thirty minutes before arriving in your doorsteps for finalization.

Can you just choose the design for my law space?

Yes. Our experts are not just technically skilled, but they are also embodying the creativity and artistic skills necessary in picking the best design for your lawn. We will also show you the design we chose before doing it for your confirmation.

There might be other questions you have in mind that have not been answered. Feel free to let us know what these questions are.


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